Back in 1980, from the tiny kitchen of his cottage in rural Devon, John Peck began to experiment with making flapjacks, cakes and vegetarian flans - foods he enjoyed himself - thinking that if he liked them, others might like them too! He was right. It turns out that other people love them too.


Daymer Bay Iced Tea was founded in June 2010 in Port Isaac, North Cornwall by Anthony Jenks. With his niece Daisy, Anthony spent the summer selling to beach cafes all over Cornwall from a small van. Our teas are natural, healthy and low in calories. We add vitamins but never sugar or preservatives.


Chunk began in a butchers shop in a little Devon village. Caterer Simon loved pies and wanted a new challenge, so he took it on in 2006. In 2012, Chunk won 'Britain's Best Pasty'. This irritated the Cornish, who banned them the next year for being from Devon! Chunk's style is delicious 'rustic gourmet'.


Dorset Tea brings life, colour and vitality to everyday moments, giving the natural taste of Dorset no matter where you are or what you’re doing. We’ve carefully selected teas from Africa, India and Sri Lanka to create a golden blend tea that is deliciously smooth and full of flavour.


Combining quality ingredients, traditional techniques and experienced staff, we think Cornwall is the best place for a bakery to be. It’s a winning recipe which provides products every bit as good as those you make yourself. Taste one of our pasties to see for yourself - we make over 15 million a year!


Calder Foods is filling Britain's sandwiches! We are the market leader in innovative products for the UK sandwich industry. Our extensive range includes sandwich fillings, marinated and cooked meats, delicious fresh salads, and chutneys & sauces. We also offer low fat and reduced calorie products.


Proper Cornish is passionate about quality pastry, filled with great tasting ingredients, made properly in Cornwall for people who love food. Our range includes firm Cornish favourites such as pasties, sausage rolls, slices and pies - with everything made the proper Cornish way.


Lakeland Dairies is a farmer-owned 100% Irish dairy co-operative with more than 100 years of tradition & excellence. We use fresh milk from the green pastures of 2,200 family-owned farms to produce the highest quality dairy products. And we are proud to serve valued customers throughout the world.


We think we make the best juices and smoothies around. That’s because we've been at it for over 13 years. They’re healthy, don’t cost the earth and taste heavenly. We only put the best stuff in our drinks, using concentrate from the most delicious fruit; probably why they taste a little better than the rest.


Yes, we're all about cakes. But not just any cakes. Ours are Wicked Cakes. Wickedly tasty, wickedly appealing, and wickedly moreish! From tray bakes, flapjacks, bownies and cookies to muffins, sponges, fruitcakes and more, you can depend on a wickedly delicious experience.


At Purity Soft Drinks we are leading manufacturers of premium soft drinks. We specialise in juices and juice drinks packaged in modern and innovative packaging, including our contemporary new pouch system. Founded in 1892, we're famous for many products, including our celebrated JuiceBurst brand.


The source of Radnor Hills lies in the old county of Radnorshire in Mid Wales. Here, the water filters naturally through layers of rock to achieve its exceptional taste and purity. This lets us bottle a diverse range of mineral water, flavoured spring water, juices and school compliant soft drinks.


Many years ago we spotted a trend for handmade, home-style cakes, desserts and traditional tea time treats. That's how Ruby's journey began. We may have grown and flourished, but we still keep our homemade style of baking. Nothing less will do for our scrumptious goodies and wondrous treats.


We manufactur and pack burger and sausage products for wholesalers, fish & chip shops, restaurants and gastro pubs. Our sausage range includes pork and beef combos, Lincolnshire and Cumberland varieties. And we produce over 250 tonnes of burgers every week!


No less than 29,000 Swedish farmers share collective ownership of Lantmännen, one of Northern Europe’s largest groups within the agriculture, machinery, energy and food sector. Every bread is born in our artisan bakery using creative passion, proud craftsmanship and attention to detail.